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    Adobe Flash Builder 4.7 Plug-in Utility Not Installing on Eclipse

    TehCamm Level 1

      I am trying to install Flash Builder 4.7 Plugin into Eclipse. I have downloaded Flash Builder Premium via Adobe's Creative Cloud. I have also installed Eclipse Indigo. I am running this all on Mac OSX.

      According to a tutorial I found I needed to go into the Utilities folder found in the Flash Builder install and run the Adobe Flash Builder 4.7 Plug-in Utility. It seemed to run fine. Afterwards you should be able to see "Flash Builder" in the help menu of Eclipse. However it is not there. You should also be able to set Flash Builder preferences under Window --> Preferences. Flash Builder is also not visible there.

      According the the tutorial there should also be this file "fb-4_7-plugin-encoded.link" created in the "dropins" folder of Eclipse. This file is created. However it is blank.

      I looked into the installation log and there was only one concerning message.

      Move File: Destination: /Applications/eclipse/dropins/fb-4_7-plugin-encoded.link

      Status: WARNING

      Additional Notes: WARNING - There was a problem moving /Applications/eclipse/dropins/fb-4_7-plugin-encoded.link

      I am unsure what this means the documentation seems to be pretty sparse. However, it seems to be the only problem in the entire installation process. Any ideas or suggestions on what could be causing this error would be great.