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    Check box


      Please help!!!  I have 3 check boxes and depending on which one is checked I would like a different amount to display, but it is now working correctly.  It only works if I check the last box, then that amount displays.


      Here is what I have:


      var EBM1 = this.getField("EBM1").value;

      if (EBM1 != "Off") event.value = 449;
      else event.value = "0";

      var M1 = this.getField("M1").value;

      if (M1 != "Off") event.value = 549;
      else event.value = "0";

      var NM1 = this.getField("NM1").value;

      if (NM1 != "Off") event.value = 849;
      else event.value = "0";


      I would really appreciate anyone that could tell me where I am going wrong!!!!