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    Can the individual form response be sent via e-mail to us in the PDF form format (not the raw output we see currently when using e-mail notifcation) each time a user submits a reponse?


      Hi, we basically have an on-line job application that we need to be sent to us via e-mail notification every time a user submits a response, not with the raw data output from the form fields like the current e-mail notification setting allows, but as an actual PDF attachment that mirrors the format of the on-line form, with the user response data in it. We need this to be automated and sent to a central HR e-mail to distro to others. It would be essentially the same thing as a user downloading a PDF form, filling it out, then e-mailing it back to us, but using the submit options via the Form Central server instead. Is this even possible and, if so, is there any documentation on it? I have not found anything clear in searching for this same topic.