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    Adobe Digital Editions 3 touch interface support for Windows 8?


      Does anyone now of a way to enable touch/swipe/gestures in Adobe Digital Editions on windows 8? Trying to use the epub (horiztonal) or PDF (vertical) scroll bars is very frustrating on a 300+ page text. The target areas are just too small. I'd love to be able to just swipe to turn the page, but I'd settle for being able to just have larger next/previous page buttons, or even touchable areas, like at the edge of the reading area in a lot of e-readers and e-reader emulation PC software out there. Right now, with the default settings, trying to use Adobe Digital Editions on a windows 8 tablet is a miserable experience. I hope I'm just missing a configuration or settings option somewhere that will improve it (but I fear the just didn't consider touch at all when making ADE 3).