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    Time displayed in flex not the same as in database

      I am getting a record out of a Sql Server database.
      In the DB the value is: 2/16/2001 4:11:00 PM
      If I display it on a cold fusion page the value is: 2001-02-16 16:11:00.0
      But if I use a CFC back end and load it into Flex the value is: Fri Feb 16 11:11:00 GMT-0500 2001
      Which as you can see is 11AM when it should be 4PM
      If I ask flex to display the current time using "New Date()" the value is: Thu May 17 14:48:24 GMT-0400 2007

      I see that the "Current time" thinks it's GMT-400 (All machines are set to Eastern Time)
      and the Database thinks it's GMT-500.

      What am I missing?
      Is there some time zone setting I am missing somewhere?
      Is there a way to display the raw value as it comes out of the DB in Flex?

      Also the data in the DB was not put there by this flex app. It is legacy data the app will be dealing with(just to avoid confusion).
      The DB Table row for this dat is set to "datetime"