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    Create circles inside the corners of page bounds


      First off, I am crap at scripts. When looking through the Adobe scripting guide I eventually drop into a fugue state. Attempts to write my own and reverse engineer other scripts have resulted in too many errors to mention. So I figure I am better off asking the community.


      I need to create three 100% black circles at the top right, bottom right, and bottom left corners; at 1/2 inch inside the PAGE bounds.


      These are used as fiducial markers for the flatbed printer our production team uses to align the printing and router.


      One solution is to draw the circle/ellipse/oval using the page coordinates. however I'm not sure how to specify this since the page size will vary from document to document.


      The other option would be to mimic the crop marks script and apply the circle to a box drawn on the page.


      Has anyone seen a similar script?


      Thanks for any help.