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    Organizing javascript files

    ojodegato Level 1

      Does anyone have a recommendation to manage and organize a large number of javascript files?

      Presently, I use Sublime Text 2 to preview javascript files and edit in Adobe ESTK.

      I am looking for an efficient method to search for javascript snippets and functions inside javascript files.

      Can javascript files store searchable metadata about the javascript file?

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          DBarranca Level 4

          I had the same problem myself - it took a while but I've moved from the JSX folder chaos to a less chaotic snippets management with this free software: http://snippets.me (which has also sync features that go beyond my little needs)

          There are other similar solutions like: http://www.gistoapp.com (that also integrate with Gist), and other I might not know.

          You have to spend some time copying and pasting to create your own database, but no doubts the maintenance is easier.

          Hope this helps,


          Davide Barranca