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    books wont drag to nook, error states no permission to copy book. This is a new loading of nook and ADE to this computer and my be that licenses need to be updated per B

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      Old computer crashed.  Trying to set up ADE on this old PC with XP.  I have ADE loaded and books will download from library and I can read them.  They won't drag to nook.  Get error of No permission to copy book.  I have looked at user guide and checked the forums but all state the books should drag and drop into nook.  Unsure what protocol is when they won't. I spoke to Adobe help and he told me they no longer support ADE and referred to forum.  Barnes and Noble walked me through deleting the program on the nook but same message appeared.  They thought it a license problem and referred to ADOBE customer support.  So, this is my last line of assistance...............