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    Producing multilingual .epub with interleaved InDesign pages possible?


      Is it possible to produce multilingual .epubs within InDesign that allow for interleaved pages?

      I would like to have, for example: native language page-left/translated language page right and maintain mirrored content with any responsive user changes.



      Seven lines of copy in English could easily be nine or ten lines in Spanish.

      Therefore, page-to-page would be a challenge to mirror.



      (Page 1 English/Page 2 Spanish)

      (Page 3 English/Page 4 Spanish)

      etc, etc, etc...

      are always mirrored and follow a rule so that what you read left is always equal to the copy you read right (or next).



      Could you take the longest text, in largest font and style from the longest of the two languages (like Spanish), fill the longest page up first, then place an anchor upon the last sentence of the last word, for the e-book to turn to next page.


      That way, the designer would know that the adjacent, related page of copy is equal to or less than the amount of copy of the larger copy set.


      This would allow reader to have language 1 left and language 2 right in tablet format, or language 1 first, then language 2 next, then back to language 1 next, etc.



      Interleaving pages would make for an incredible language learning tool, where native speaker could practice only reading foreign language, but refer next-page to it's translated meaning.