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    Photoshop slows down when working with one particular font.

    Tim Lorang

      I have Photoshop CC (64 bit) and it slows down dramatically when ever I'm working on a file using the font Veneer Three or Veneer Two. It is an Open Font.


      But, it only slows down when I'm working with that particular font. I can be working on the same file and using a different font and it works fine. But if I try to type using Veneer Two or Three it just slows down to almost a stop. Once I've finished typing in Veneer and save it, I can open the type tool and use a different font and it works great. This happens when I use Veneer Two and Veneer Three but not Veneer or Veneer Extras.


      One note, at the bottom of the type tool there is a line of symbols that I cannot find an explanation for. When I use Veneer the second symbol that looks like a an o in script, is selected. But I'm not sure why.  I don't think this has anything to do with why it slows down.





      Unfortunately this is a font requested by a client otherwise I'd drop it.


      Thank you,

      Tim Lorang