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    Could not complete your request because specified color book could not be found


      I have seen this question on here before but the problem was never dealt with. From what I can tell this is an issue when a specific color from a color book is applied to a channel in Photoshop as a spot color and when the same file is opened on another computer with an instance of photoshop that doesn't share the same color book that said colors were pulled from, it simply won't open. Now I have been to countless pages that stated that I can simply download the new color books such as the Adobe Blog New PANTONE libraries but when I go to the link it suggests it just gives me some pantone color manager which after trying it for 30 days, did not download any missing color books. It seems to be the new pantone + libraries that I need in order to open these files. I also called pantone themselves to see if they could give me an answer so hopefully between here and there someone somewhere can get me those color books i need.


      They are apparently free and easy to download. I will probably feel like a moron when someone reveals something obvious I have overlooked but at the very least I just want this problem solved.


      thank you for your time.