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    RoboHelp X4.1 and JavaHelp

      My existing copy of RoboHelp is X4.1, which is version 12, and it was the eHelp brand of this (if that makes any difference). I can generate JavaHelp, but I have no way of knowing which version of JavaHelp. Can I generate JavaHelp 2.0 or only JavaHelp 1.1.3? If it's both, how can I tell which one I'm getting?

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          RoboWizard Level 4
          Hi John

          I'm no expert on JavaHelp by ANY stretch of a wild imagination. But it occurs to me that possibly only one version may be installed at any given time. I don't believe RoboHelp installs the components you need to create JavaHelp and you must install those separately. So if you haven't yet done this, the point would be moot.

          Cheers... Rick