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    Cannot open InDesign CS6 files made on Windows in CS6 on OSX


      InDesign files that are created on Windows 8 computers cannot be opened on an OSX 10.9 computer with CS6.  It appears that the Windows InDesign is version 9 and the OSX version is 8, which produces an error that the file was created in a newer version and cannot be opened.  I know that there is a way to export them on the PC so that they will open in earlier versions, so it's not a question of how to convert them.  The problem is that the users were not aware that the versions were not the same, they assumed CS6 was the version but didn't realize that this is not necessarily true.  The users are moderately experienced computer users, they are graphic designers and CS3 is pretty much all they know, they are still learning their way around CS6.  However, the Mac user has no PC experience and does not always have access the PC.  The users are in the news print business so they have strict deadlines and don't always work in the same location or the same days.


      So first, there are now a number of these InDesign 9 files mixed in with thousands of  CS3 InDesign (doesn't matter the actual InDesign version for CS3, these files are open-able on both OS's) on the NAS.  The files are all on the same drive, but scattered throughout a number of directories.  Is there a quick way to locate just the CS9 files by doing a file search either on Win8 or OSX 10.9?


      Second, is there a way to set the default save version on the PC to be compatible with version 8 on OSX with the least amount of loss from downgrading the file?  I would prefer that the PC users don't to have to remember extra steps when saving every file.


      Third, is there that big of a difference between 9 and 8, also going back to question 2?  Is there a trick for overriding the error on the MAC and forcing it to open the file?


      Last, are there plans to release InDesign 9 for OSX as a CS6 update in the near future?  It's only a problem maybe once a month, so is it worth it to just wait it out instead of hunting down and converting all the existing version 9 files on the network and making changes to the default settings / teach the users extra save steps on a handful of PCs?


      Answers to any of these questions would be a great help!