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    TIFF created by CS6 not the same as TIFF with CS3


      Hi everyone,

      I am a newbie in Photoshop so please tell me if I there not enough details.

      Here is my problem : we are using Photoshop to generate TIFF file from JPEG photos. We recently update from CS3 to CS6 and we do not obtain the same results with CS6. The metadata and size of the TIFF file are different.


      Configuration used :

      CS3 (v10.0) on Windows XP SP3 32 bits

      CS6 (V13.0.1 x32) on Windows Seven SP1 32 bits


      The actions are the same in CS3 and in CS6 :

      Save as -> TIFF file + ICC profile : sRGB IEC61966-2.1

      TIFF options : JPEG compression / quality = 8 / save image pyramid / format = IBM PC



      Why the TIFF are different ? What am I doing wrong ?

      What can I do to obtain strictly the same result as CS3 with Photoshop CS6 ?



      English is not my native language, I am sorry if there is some misspell