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    Searching a roadmap document for Adobe Livecycle

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      In the context of my project, I have to provide quaterly a document centralizing the roadmap of the products integrated in our SI.


      To collect all the data needed to create such a document, I am contacting the different editor providing the solution we used. Adobe livecycle in its version 8.2.1 SP3 is one of them.


      That's why I am asking you if you could provide the roadmap elements relating to Adobe livecycle.


      Ideally, we would like the following elements:

      • a listing of the different version you plan to release in the year,
      • the release dates of these new versions,
      • a description of the new features, technical improvements and the bug fixes.


      My commercial contact is Hélène Delannoy. Is it  a better solution for me to contact her directly ?


      Thanks for your feedback,




      Laurent Roussel