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    index and search not working

    nine doors
      I am using RH HTML x5.01 and producing WebHelp. We just converted our WinHelp projects in RH HTML and I am not so familiar with WebHelp output.

      I created a new window CompanyName and the programmer has set the calls to the window and start page. When I'm in our company's application, I click Help and the WebHelp is displayed in a separate window and everything looks fine (except the window name takes the application file name); however, when I type a word in the index box , nothing happens. When I generate WebHelp without a skin, neither the search nor the index work.

      If I double-click the start page to open WebHelp (generated with or without a skin) in IE6, I type a word in the index box and the appropriate keywords show up.

      Because this is our first attempt at using WebHelp output, I wonder what we are doing wrong. Why does it work in IE and not in the application?

      I tried setting the Window properties to use the browser defaults just to see what would happen and the help doesn't get called at all from the application.

      If anyone can provide any insight, that would be great.

      Thanks in advance,
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          If the help was working correctly when you used the help standalone, the obvious conclusion would be that the problem was with they way the help is being called.

          There are a couple of topics on my site about calling webhelp. I don't know if they will help your developer but that's the best I can offer on that.

          However, I'm not too sure it is working correctly. Let's focus on working with a skin. The index keywords should all appear before you type anything in. In the third page of the wizard, try selecting the first and last options.

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            nine doors Level 1
            When generating webhelp with a skin, I do have those options selected in the wizard.

            The index keywords are all listed in alphabetical order, but if I type a word that begins, for example, with a "T", it does not jump down to that word.

            I did give the developer the information you have on your site (I always refer to your site!), but I'm not sure how he's calling the help.

            Thanks for your response and I'll put it back to the developers. I wanted to make sure there wasn't something I needed to do on my side.

            Have a nice weekend.