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    Straighten many photos automatically for timelapse


      I was taking some timelapse pictures from a moving platform (kayak) and the constant rocking is very annoying.  Can Photoshop straighten 1400 photos all with different angles of leveling automatically?


      I was using the Lightroom Upright feature but Lightroom only seems to apply the same settings from the first photo to all photos.  I was hoping Photoshop could process each picture individually.



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          Dsarchy Level 3

          You will have to go through the images and correct them manually. There is no way for photoshop to know what 'upright' is.


          If you want to stabilize the images automatically your best bet would be to take a video and then use After effects tracking tools to stabilize the footage and then take a timelapse from that.

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            JJMack Most Valuable Participant

            1400 is a lot of images. You were also in a kayak with rocking movement trying to do a time laps. If the image include the water surface which is constantly changing I do not think there is an automated way it can be done.  However if the images taken were as an area where only the subject of the time-laps was changing where the rest of the frame background was not you may be able to auto align the frames, It will be highly unlike tough if the background was close to the subject for the motion of the kayak would move the cameras position a distance that would changes the perspective of the background so much that auto alignment would not be possible.


            You could try  loading a small subset if the 1400 image into a layer stack with auto alignment option option checked to see it there is a chance that auto alignment may work. Photo supports up to 8000 layer.  But using a script like load files into a stack of 1400 images would take a very long long time.  So try a small subset before a large test,  1400 image could also tax you machines resources.