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    Enhancing GPU: 2 cards GeForce GTX 770 connected with SLI  or Nvidia Quadro K5000?


      Hello, I'm going to start working with video files of 4k raw format (Premiere, After Effects, SpeedGrade, RedGiant plug-ings). Now I have a video card GPU Nvidia GeForce GTX 770, but I was told that game video cards GeFroce have limited  fukntsional when working with video in Premiere. Is it really so? If I change my card to Nvidia Quadro K5000 which has close characteristics, will I get any extra features working in Adobe programms (Premiere, SpeesGrade, After Effect)? Does it make sense in such a substitution? Or is it better to buy a second GTX 770 and put them in SLI? Will Adobe support that?