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    Scripting (Sums of two fields to equal a rounded value and to "if" to another value)

    The_Doot_ Level 1

      Hello everyone, I am making a document that needs some formulating/scripting done in it and out of all the forums, I cant find anything to work.


      This is what I have.


      Field 1 (Value) Field 2 (Value) Field 3 (result); The result field will also round to the nearist thousands (Round((horsepower / weight)/.01)*.01; now after that I need another field to use the "if" statement to put a value in another field if the result matches the result field. I know I am making this complicated but let me show you what I have.


      The first field is a numeric field that the user will input their horsepower.

      The second field is a numeric field that the user will input their weight.

      The third field is a numeric field that will auto sum the first to fields and round to the nearist thousands

            (Round((horsepower / weight)/.01)*.01

      All the steps above are working awesomely. The part I cant get to work is the "if" statement in the fourth Field.

      I tried useing this code to make it work but i keep getting an error about the "ratio" field


        If (data0 eq "0") then
           qqq0 = "1"
      elseif (data0 eq "0.1") then
           qqq0= "1"
      elseif (data0 eq "0.10") then
           qqq0= "1"


      I used this script with Formcalc and it works on everything else. I think the "round" formula is causing the problem. Also the elseif i used up to 0.35, so 35 lines of code.




      Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.