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    Problems with XML + LoadVars + PHP 


      We are using a php script to load and save a XML file, we have the load.php script working properly, but the save.script is adding some ESCAPE code into the XML making it useless.

      The PHP script is that one:

      function writeToFile($fileName, $str){ // function to write $str to file

      // Open the file and erase the contents if any
      $fp = fopen($fileName, "w");

      // Write the data to the file
      fwrite($fp, $str);

      // Close the file

      $file = $_GET["fileName"];
      $xml = $_GET["xml"];

      writeToFile($file, $xml);

      For example, where it should have color="E9B494" it has color=\"E9B494\"

      I don't know where could be the problem.

      Can anyone help please?