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    Movie clip events - Broadcast from inside

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      Hello there,

      I am pretty new to Actionscript although have a programming background per
      se. I have followed this tutorial
      http://www.toxiclab.org/tutorial.asp?ID=165 and I have my slide in panel
      working perfectly like they have.

      I am using the Flash Form Application, not a standard Flash document with
      timeline concept. So I place the movie clip onto my main application form,
      so its available for all other forms to see and this works perfectly.
      However, on the movieclip I want to have a button marked close (amongst
      others) and when clicked I want to capture the event inside my application
      so I can do somethings.

      I havent a clue how to do this. All I can think of at moment is :=

      In the application form, I do
      mySlideClip.myCloseButton.onRelease = function()

      However, this doesnt feel or seem right.

      Any suggestions on how I can broadcast an event from inside my movie clip
      and capture it inside the main flash project itself ?