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    torn paper effect

    fredoviolawoodstock Level 1

      Hi there, folks


      I'm working on a video that exists within the pages of a book.  We won't be doing page turns, but at one point I've been asked to have the movie get torn off the screen. 


      What I was thinking of trying was to pre-tear a piece of paper.   Position it over some green screen paper.  Create careful marks in the corners of each side of the torn page (4 in total, two per torn side).  Shoot the paper being pulled away frame by frame in highest resolution on my 5D, so it will be huge.  This way the camera can still follow the marks when they will be off screen after resizing in AE.  Then I'd import the stills as a movie sequence and track both side separately.  I would then attach the movie to both sides separately, using the tracking data, and finally key out the green. 


      Does this sound like a silly way to do it?  Any better suggestions?