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    What happened with livedocs.adobe.com?


      So I've been using a new language (Coldfusion), and using a search brings up quite a few topics and answers to some of the questions that I have.


      However, there is one that's typically at the topic of the search list which bugs the heck out of me. And that's livedocs.adobe.com.  Every time I think "oh, useful information", I get Adobe - Site Area Temporarily Unavailable.


      Contact Us doesn't work because they want info on products, not on their own website, or at least I haven't found a good form that I can use to ask about why livedocs is down, or why its so high up on a search list.


      Could someone point me in the right direction on how to contact those in charge of livedocs to find out why? Or maybe why livedocs is down?


      (I'm seeing through community searches that some links and others don't, maybe they need to contact google/bing to remove those links from the top of the search?)


      Thanks for your help.