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    Rule below overprints descender

    RobertKyle Level 2

      We've been using the rule-below in some paragraph styles that use green type. The rule is tight to the baseline, so the descenders extend past it. On our old template, the green covers the black rule. But we've recently made a copy of that template and now the black rule is visible across the green descender.


      It does not display this way. On screen it appears that the green is covering the rule. But on output, the black is visible across the green. We're using the same printers and presets as before. The new template is a copy of the old, but many modifications have been made.


      The rule below is applied by a paragraph style. The new style is a copy of the old but at a slightly smaller type size. The rule-below size has not been changed.

      The green type is applied by a character style using a swatch.


      I am completely baffled.