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    InDesign CS6 crashing with single document


      Alright, so I'm using InDesign CS6 and MacBook Pro OS X 10.9.3.  To the best of my knowledge, everything is up-to-date, but I'm relatively new to both Macs and InDesign.


      I'm formatting a report for work.  It's a long document, ~80 pages, primarily text with some tables, etc.  I was working on this document a few weeks ago, then it got put on the back burner and I'm just now coming back to it.  However, it seems like it's developed a bug and I can load it just fine, but after a few minutes of work, it freezes and I have to Force Quit.


      I did some preliminary troubleshooting on the web and I found out you're supposed to reset your ID preferences or something, so I did that successfully and the problem still occurs.


      I've tried working on other documents and I haven't had the program crash, yet.


      So the logical assumption would be that the file is corrupted, right?  Well I came to that conclusion, and tried to create a fresh clean document and then copy and paste the text from the original document into a frame in the new document.  But the problem still occurs.


      Is there a way I can recover my document?