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    iText + Migrating from CFMX 6 to CFMX 7

    Lumpia Level 1

      I have a standalone development box with CFMX 6 and the latest version of iText installed. I have successfully been able to merge multiple files of all shapes and sizes as well as add watermarks. However, I have yet to try this on a server at the worksite. After talking with an experienced developer who is partially in charge of the company server, he informed that CFMX 7 has a version of iText installed and it should work fine with the merging. I found out that I am scheduled to be migrated to CFMX 7 this month, so I went ahead and threw all the working code on the new Windows 2003 - CFMX 7 development server and began testing.

      I am now receiving an error: Object Instantiation Exception. Object Instantiation Exception.
      An exception occurred when instantiating a java object. The cause of this exception was that: .

      I have done lots of searching online and I've seen others with this problem, but none of the solutions resolve my issue. I'm pretty sure our server admins have not updated with the latest jar for iText, so it should be the standard version for CFMX 7.0.2.

      Here is my code (which worked on my development box for CFMX 6):

      I do work for a large company, which may have enabled/disabled some functions/features. If no one sees any problems with my code, then I'll investigate that route. Thanks ahead for your assistance.