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    How do I create a dynamic table in InDesign?


      Hi all. I need to create a price sheet document. The product numbers, names and prices are maintained in an Excel spreadsheet with 3 columns. The data changes with some regularity. There are currently almost 400 rows of data, with some of these rows serving as product grouping headers.


      I wanted to see if there was a recommended workflow for keeping a dynamicaly updated InDesign document. I'd like a document that automatically updates whenever changes are made to the master Excel spreadsheet. The InDesign table would need to reflect the changes in the Excel file and shrink or grow depending on rows (products) getting added or subtracted. This would mean that pages would also need to be added or subtracted automatically to accommodate the resizing table.


      Of course I'd like this table to be formatted from within InDesign and any changes to the table would automatically have the appropriate formatting. Also, would it be possible for InDesign to recognize which rows are the group headings and format them accordingly?


      Any thoughts on how to do this would be appreciated. If it's not possible, or there's a different or better way to do this than the way I'm suggesting, please let me know what you think.