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    How to have a transparent background after saving as a jpeg?

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      Hi guys!


      I designed this logo for a couple that are starting their own business. Problem is they never told me that they wanted to print the logo into T-shirt that are a Daisy yellow color. As of now we are trying to find the HTML code for the yellow in the shirts so I can match the background of the logo to the shirt because the problem they are having is that when they print the logo on the shirt it comes out squared and the logo in the middle. The logo its self its oval shaped. As an alternative and probably easier way to solve the problem I'm trying to send them just the logo shape but I've trimmed the excess background to a point where it cannot be trimmed anymore and there still is a white background to it, Probably my explanation its a bit confusing but ultimately I'm trying just to send them the logo with no white background at all. I need help with that. How to save the file and send it so they can open it still with no background color?


      Please help me ASAP!!!



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