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    Clearing Intervals

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      Hello My Favorite and Most Helpful Community,

      I am STUCK. I am *so* close, that this last step is driving me crazy. This one is a be-atch to explain, so I have posted the SWF for you to play with and the FLA to download at this link.

      Click this sentence to see what I am talking about and download FLA.

      I am creating a navigation system whereby the user can rotate an object by, depending on which side of the active area s/he is on, the object either rotates left, or right. Note: the object you will see is a rendering of a 3D element that has been spun 360 degrees and not any type of Swift3D element. When I press on the right hand side of the active window (i.e. not any of the yellow fields surrounding the centered window) the rendered 360 deg spin sets of frames play forward, and on the left hand side, the frames play backwards. When the user mouses over the active (middle) window, the mouse pointer changes from default to a MC of an arrow that I have created. Also, when the user mouses off of the active window, the mouse goes back to the default mouse pointer.

      Anyway, the problem that I need to solve is that when the user mouses off of the active (center) window and the pointer changes back to the default, I need it to stop affecting the spinning of my 3D element. For example if you mouse to the left (to where it is yellow) to change the layer of video visible, when clicking the peel 0 button, the spinning of the 3D elements still spins -- I don't want that, I want it so that the spinning action only is valid when the user is moused over the active window and is disabled when outside in the yellow zones.

      I believe that it is some problem with my setInterval command and clearing it, but everything I have tried does not work. Is there someone out there that has any ideas how to solve this?

      Hope so,