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    TGA file is missing

    Koolmees37 Level 1

      I almost finished my first film in Adobe Premiere Elements (version 12, Windows 8.1- 64) and I get an error "Where is the file Business_7.TGA). I don't know where I used this file, so I don't know how to repair it?

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          Just saw this thread this afternoon.


          Those missing "Business_7.tga" file and also, at times, missing "Tropical_7.tga" file showing up in Premiere Elements 12 are unsolved mysteries at this point. One of the threads that was left unanswered for missing "Business_7.tga" was the following

          PE12: asking "Where is file..." for a non-existent file

          That user did a lot of good detective work on that.


          Tga files are not supported in Premiere Elements 12. Often they were used in earlier versions for the graphic component of certain title templates.


          It is possible for you to click "Skip it." to the "Where is the file....?" message and continue in your project? If so, that may be the way to go, ignoring the message until its reason for popping up in 12 surfaces.