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    What kind of laptop do I need to run CS 6 and will it work in Northwoods?

    John Dorschner

      I have a desktop computer with Adobe CS 5.5 and I'm very happy with it. Problem is that I'm now thinking of spending some extended periods in a distant location, in the Wisconsin northwoods.

      1 -- What are the specs of a laptop that can handle CS 6?

      2 -- Can I sign up for Creative Cloud services for, say, a couple months and then suspend the service when I'm back to using my desktop? What's the pricing for that?

      3 -- Can I use Creative Cloud when I don't have access to Internet because internet service is sporadic or non-existent in northwoods?

      4 -- Can I easily transfer projects from CS 6 laptop to CS 5.5 on desktop?

      5 --  Alternatively, can I simply install my existing CS 5.5 in a new laptop?