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    Low quality of .png after importing.


      Good morning.


      For all my videos I add a png as a watermark to one corner. I usually render in 720p. The .png file itself is 1280x720, with nothing but the watermark in the bottom right, so that I don't have to adjust anything anymore.

      Normally this all works fine and never gave any problems.

      But today I tried to import the same file as usual and add it to the composition (as top layer). For some reason though the quality turned out horrible: http://puu.sh/98Phm/9df17afb49.png compared to the quality of the actual file: http://puu.sh/98Pjf/a16cf5a02f.png (sorry if it is a bit hard to see).


      Anyways, any ideas what could have caused the quality to turn out like that?

      Thank you already!