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    Paint Effect


      Hello Everyone!


      I'm relatively new to photoshop and would like to know how I could achieve this intertwining paint effect...   Please reply fast! Thankss 10170929_299474803548776_858864119149588584_n.jpg

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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          Google Photoshop marble effect.  I am certain you'll find a bunch of tutorials, and I suspect most of them will use Render Clouds as one of the first steps.


          Good luck, and let us see what you come up with.

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            Louisoconnor Level 1

            Hey man thanks for the answer, I did look at a bunch of tutorials, tried out some stuff but can't seem to achieve the same effect. Maybe the picture of what I wanted to achieve wasn't obvious enough as to show what I'm looking for, here is another pic.


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              Dsarchy Level 3

              If you wanted to recreate the effect then you could using the smudge tool with 100% hardness and 95-100% strength. Or for more realistic results use the Mixer brush tool.

              The other way to do it would be to download/create ink/paint splatter brushers from real photo's.

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                Louisoconnor Level 1

                I actually had a look at the people who did it and dug up the internet, and they did it with real paint aha

                Thanks anyway man, will try what you suggested!

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                  Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

                  You have to be a bit lateral in the way you look at and interpret the tutorials.  In fact I used two Render effects to do this:



                  This shows the layers involved, and the settings for the upper Hue/Saturation layer.

                  Marble layers.JPG

                  • Start with foreground set to the colour you want the marble to be, and background white.
                  • Make a new layer and go Filter > Render Clouds
                  • Use a levels layer to harden up the clouds (bring black and white sliders towards the centre)
                  • Now make a new layer, and fill with 50% grey, and go Filter > Render Difference Clouds.
                  • Open a Levels layer above the Difference clouds, and clip to the difference clouds layer (the left most icon in the properties panel).  Adjust black and white sliders so you get thin white lines on black background.
                  • Select the difference clouds and levels layer, and merge them (Ctrl e or Cmd e)
                  • Invert the resulting layer, so you have black lines on white background
                  • Make a Hue/Saturation layer above, and clip to the layer below. Click on Colourize and adjust settings to suite.  You can use the image above as a guide.
                  • Set the difference clouds layer blend mode to Overlay, and adjust opacity for best effect.


                  I used Liquify and the Smudge tool on the Clouds layer.  The smudge tool is probably most useful because you can see what is happening in real time.  I think that was everything I did, but ask if you get stuck.


                  Good luck.


                  [EDIT]  Just looked at your example again.  I used the Smudge tool at 50%, but if you set it to 100% you would get the long swirls more easily.


                  BTW  The Difference Clouds bit above is the classic Photoshop way of making Lightning.

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                    Louisoconnor Level 1

                    Here is the result I achieved but I'd like to know how it would be possible to add colors, because the official record label have a team of guys who use real paint, but there's this unofficial artwork designer who pretty much does everything on photoshop so I'm sure it's possible

                    Anyway thanks for the in depth answer, we're starting to get to the end result!


                    Here is what I achiever :


                    How is it possible to get to a multiple colour artwork? When I click render clouds it only renders one colour which I can understand but how could I put more colours? Tried tons of stuff but I can't get all the colours to smudge together like when I liquify, I'd like them to liquify all together to mix the colours



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                      Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

                      Do you remember when we used to do this stuff in art class all those years ago/  Well it was years ago for me at least.  We used to fill a big tray with water, and float oil based coloured ink on the surface, and then comb marbled pattens in the ink with a big comb thingie, and then lay a sheet of paper on top that would soak up the coloured patten.  When it dried out you had your masterpeice.


                      So how would we duplicate that with Photoshop, and ITSM that a custom brush for the Smudge tool to simulate the art class comb might put us on the right track.  So make about a dozen semi hard, medium, size blobs on a blank layer, and use the layer to define a brush preset.  Then paint some random blobs with the colours of your choice, and comb in the marble effect with your new smudge tool brush.