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    Windows 8?


      When I try to open a file created in premiere elements 7 from within elements 7 I get the following error message:


      "Projects created with Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Premiere Elements are not compatible.  Please use the appropriate application to open this project."


      I have held the shift key while opening Elemens app -- did not solve issue.

      I deleted the pref file in the AppData directory path - did not solve issue.

      I have tried compatibility mode to run in 7 (whichi it did on my windows 7 machine) and compatibility mode does not seem to solve the problem.


      Any wisdom?  Thank you very much for your attention to this matter.



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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          What is the format and file extension of the file that you are trying to "open" in Premiere Elements 7 Window 7 presumed 64 bit?

          How are you going about "opening" the file in Premiere Elements 7?


          Excuse the line of question, but I do not want to take anything for granted....

          a. Are you trying to open one project.prel file in another project.prel file


          b. Are you trying to "import" a file (exported from another Premiere Elements 7 project) into a new

          Premiere Elements 7 project?


          Let us start here and then decide what next.





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            Seeker64 Level 1

            Thank you for your response.  The extention of the file that is not opening in my premiere elements 7 is prel.  This file was created by premiere elements 7 on a windows 7 64-bit machine and I am now trying to open it on a machine that is windows 8 64bit.  I have tried opening it by double clicking it and the above error is produced after elements 7 opens and I have also tried opening the file after opening elements 7.  I am not trying to import the file into elements after it opens I am simply trying to open the file.  Hope this explanation helps.




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              Seeker64 Level 1

              Well now I am getting a new error.  It is now telling me that the codec that is needed for the file is not installed.  How in the world am I going to know what codec is needed?




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                A.T. Romano Level 7



                In all this, I am assuming that you are going from computer 1 Premiere Elements 7 to computer 2 Premiere Elements 7.


                If you no longer have computer 1, where are the source media that went into the project on that computer?

                What happens on computer 2 Premiere Elements 7 when you right click the computer 1 project.prel, select Open with, followed by Premiere Elements 7 in the drop down menu?


                Do you still have Premiere Elements 7 installed on the Windows 7 64 bit computer (computer 1)? If you want to transfer that project to another computer with Premiere Elements 7 on it, then the routine should be


                In computer 1...Premiere Elements 7

                File Menu

                Project Archiver

                Copy option


                That will produce a Copy Folder saved to the computer hard drive location that you designate beforehand. Transfer the whole Copy Folder to a USB Flash Drive. Use that USB Flash Drive to transfer the Copy Folder from computer 1 to computer 2. In computer 2, open the Copy Folder, right click the project.prel file in that folder, select Open with, followed by Premiere Elements 7.


                When you transfer a project, you can run into problems if the source media that went into the project does not travel with the project.prel file. The Project Archiver route keeps copy of project.prel with copies of the project media. Another thought is that you might not be opening the project.prel file correctly on computer 2.


                Let us explore the possibilities. Please review the above.





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                  Seeker64 Level 1

                  I can do the Project Archiver on a new project but when I try on computer 1 (win7 64 bit) to open a file to do the project archiver on I get the same codec message issue.  This has worked but now I am getting thiese funny issues coming at me.  If I can get the file to load into elements 7 on computer 1 and can project archieve I have several prel files that will need to be done is there a less tedious way to do them except for one by one?


                  Thank you for your persistence in striving for a solution.  It is appreciated.


                  William Akin

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                    A.T. Romano Level 7



                    We will not give up.


                    Let us focus on computer 1 Windows 7 64 bit Premiere Elements 7.


                    From what you wrote you are trying to open a project.prel file created and saved/closed there. Is that correct?

                    Have you ever opened this particular file in any later version of Premiere Elements and edited it in that later version.

                    I think not, but I wanted to ask any way so that I do not take anything for granted and maybe overlook something important to solving the issue.


                    Right click the project.prel file wherever you have it saved (maybe the Adobe Folder in Documents?) From the pop up menu, Select Open With, and then Premiere Elements 7. Does it open to the workspace of your project?


                    If it does not, open a new Premiere Elements 7 project on computer 1 Windows 7 64 bit. Add some media, and use the Project Archiver to archiver it with the Copy option. Can you get a Copied Folder archived from this new project?


                    More later.



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                      Seeker64 Level 1

                      Yes the file was created saved and closed in computer 1.  And when I try to open that file located on the desktop of computer 1 I either get the serious error elements has to close error or the adobe pro and adobe elements are not compatible.  Both errors abbreviated.  This file or any of the elements files have not been opened in any other version. 7 is all that we have.  when I right click on project which is on my desktop it opens elements but then gives me one of the error listed in previous sentence.  When createing a new project I can use project Archiver etc and it works just fine.


                      I have noticed though that computer 1 in the mydocuments/adobe/ path has several folders under folder 7 but on computer two there is only one folder titled styles with a tempworkingset.prsl file only.  Could this be part of the problem in the computer 2?  This activity started acting in this manner about a month ago which made us think that it might have been an windows update that was the issue but since similar activity is occurring in win 8 computer I guess that theory is not feasible.


                      I will anxiously await further feedback  and am glad we will not give up. Again Thanks for all of your expertise.

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                        Seeker64 Level 1

                        more discoveries.  The files are on a mybook (western digital) terabyte where we have backed up computer 1.  I opened one of the auto-saved files in computer 2 after doing a search for all prel files and it could not find the source file.  So I did a search for the source file which was an mp4 and it is on the mybook also but looks like it is on the root. so is there some setting in premiere that will tell it to look for the source file in say G: instead of C:?  I am just grabbing at straws right now.


                        Still appreciate all your help.



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                          A.T. Romano Level 7



                          I am not sure what you are doing on computer 2 now as compared to computer 1, but for now I will answer the question that you presented in your post numbered 8.


                          Let us say that you have files 1, 2, 3, and 4 imported into your Premiere Elements 7 Project Media. And, you have dragged each to the Timeline. Let us further say that each of these original files was imported into the program from a hard drive save location on the Local Disk C.


                          Go to the hard drive (C) location, make copies of the original 1, 2, 3, 4 files, and then paste them to a location on the Drive G.


                          In the opened Premiere Elements 7 Project Media, one at a time do the following.

                          1. Starting....Right click the thumbnail for file 1 in Project Media, select Replace Footage from the drop down list. Then browse to file 1 on Drive G, and, in the Replace Footage dialog, hit Open.


                          Please let us know if that is what you seek.


                          The objective seemed to be transferring a project from computer 1 Premiere Elements 7 to computer 2 Premiere Elements 7. From what you wrote in a prior post, the problem seems to be in the project from computer 1 Premiere Elements 7. And, from what you wrote, its sounds like the issue is project specific since you do not run into problems there when you start a new project.


                          Please review the Adobe document on damaged projects to see if we can spot anything in it that may hold the answer to your issues in computer 1 Premiere Elements 7.

                          Troubleshoot damaged projects | Adobe Premiere Elements