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    create slideshows in edge animate

    stuartbennett2014 Level 1

      good afternoon.


      i am building a website for a web design company i work for. we want to be able to showcase the websites we have built for others by having an animation on our sites website design page that rotates through screenshots of all the sites we have built and when you click on the actively displayed screenshot it takes you to the actual website seen in that screenshot.


      so far the only way i know of doing this is with flash which is what we are using now.


      however this means we are actively discriminating against ios users as apple don't provide flash player on ios.


      so we are looking foralternatives and came across edge animate.


      however i have ran into 2 problems with edge animate that i simply cannot resolve.


      1. while edge animate is great at creating more complicated animations it doesnt appear to be capable of doing simple slideshows by which i mean have an image occupy the entire stage for x amount of time then switch to a different image for x amount of time. instead it treats every image as a seperate layer meaning whichever image is at the front is present the entire length of the animation which is useless for the type of project i am trying to create.


      2. edge animate generates a stand alone html file for every project along with all the imae assets and javascript files which while this helps with compatibility in ensuring more browsers can watch the animation it doesnt give me any way to insert the animation into my website design page.


      any ideas where i can find tutorials that will show me how to overcome these limitations?