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    Designer / Edge Animate Virgin: Looking to controll timeline with browser scrolling.


      Hi Guys,


      Looking for as much help as possible on this project I've been struggling with for way too long.
      (I have very basic coding knowledge base)


      Let me describe the project first & show images to help illustrate.
      Created a stop action animation which i want only to move/activate
      as you scroll vertically in your browser via desktop or mobile devise.


      The animation has 25 frames...

      As the image rotates on its axis it has 3 call outs (pulsing dots)

      that can be rolled over and will activate simple animations.



      My stage is 1560 x 1170 which i plan on scaling depending on window size.
      I have the all my animations working in my time line, have created a series of symbols,
      the main stop action animation symbol is called “H1_Rotation”.


      I have looked on many boards & all over this forum, haven't found the answer.
      The closest thing i found to a possible solution is from Re: Stage.Scroll() question?


      Haven't been able to get it to work, any help would be greatly appreciated.