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    sync bug?

    Tha Mario

      I am getting duplicates of every file I sync, I don't know what is hapening but every time I save a new file it saves/syncs as "Untitled" (which i know is normal) then I rename to project01, it then syncs again after renaming,  but then the "Untitled" file syncs again.  I can delete the "Untitled" file with no problems but after I sync anything after that, the "Untitled" file keeps syncing no matter how many times I delete it. 


      I even moved all my "projects" (20+ files) into a new folder and those sync no problem,  but then after the folder syncs, the 20+ files are then synced again - leaving me with the same 20+ files in both locations (the original location and the new folder) and I can't delete them without them syncing over and over again.


      Also, after starting a new "project" and saving then syncing, every other file syncs again duplicating whatever file I may have deleted.


      This has never happened to me before the most recent update.  This is really frustrating and I am losing storage space because of this.