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    Why are style overrides rejected by preflight

    PacosMother Level 1

      I have done four volumes of a set for a client and on number 5, ID has decided that all of my style overrides are unacceptable. Because the client wants each word in the indigenous language to be bold italics and each word in Spanish to be italics, I have done that consistently in other volumes simply by highlighting the words and changing the character styles (or doing a find/replace styles for the most common words). Four volumes, no problem. Volume 5 BIG problem. I still have 239 errors (out of approximately 800+) to fix in the preflight panel and I'm getting seriously frustrated. I can do them ONE at at time, by double clicking it in the preflight panel and then clicking on the style in the character styles panel that I need and it goes nicely away. It won't let me choose multiple ones to fix at one time. I will be here another hour doing the next 239 of them. What did I do wrong? I used a template made from a previous volume for this one, so i can't figure out why with this volume it refuses to accept overrides. No problem in previous volumes. What's the big deal? Within any paragraph of any text in any job done in ID, even a style marked as "normal," could need an italicized word from time to time, so what's going on? I know I must be missing something fundamental. So help me out here. I'm ready to scream.


      I just tried using find/replace again, hoping that would help--NOPE. While it said it did over 100+ changes, they still come up as errors on pre-flight.