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    Indesign CS6 - Saving as IDML overrides master page margins

    diggeralmu Level 1



      I would like to raise a weird behavior in Indesign regarding margins when saving to IDML and to ask for advice for any solutions/workarounds to handle this. (can use scripting if needed)



      1. Create a new indesign document, this should create a document with a new page with an associated master page.

      2. Save as IDML

      3. Open the IDML

      4. Try to change the margins of the master page

      5. Notice that the margins of the page associated with the master page doesn't change.


      I've checked the IDML and opened it with a zip utility and inspected the XML. It seems Indesign always includes the margin info element for the page element even if the master page margins were not overridden. If I try to remove that margin info in the XML and resave the IDML, when opening the IDML again, I have the expected behavior that the page margins follow its master page margins.


      Above workaround of editing the IDML is my last resort since it would add tedious processing and processing time (e.g parse the xml) especially if there are many pages and also need to distinguish and ignore valid margin overrides if a page has overridden its master page by checking if the page and master page has the same margin values. And saving the IDML again would produce the same behavior.


      I would like to confirm if this is really a bug (or just a problem with my setup) and if there are other solutions to this.