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    Offline Adobe Cloud downloadable validation software?

    macampbell_09 Level 1

      I have a laptop and a desktop, and I dont have internet access at home. I know Adobe Cloud is a monthly subscription allows you to use it every 30 days with no internet connection. The way The Foundry does it, is a yearly plan, and when its time for me to pay, I just get a new license key, and if I am not connected to the internet at home, I can take my laptop to some public WiFi, and download an installer with the key in it, so that way I dont have to be connected to the internet at home. With the cloud for my laptop I could put the Adobe Cloud on that and just goto the library once a month, but my desktop is stuck at home. Does Adobe about have any plans on making a way for those of use who desktop machines and are not online to validate our software with a license updater or something that I can download on my laptop, bring it home and install on to my computer. I dont currently have the Adobe Creative Cloud for this reason.  If not, is there are suggestion area I could suggest this? It seems like a long shot but I would at least to to try to bring this sort option to there attention if no one else has.  Adobe's "competitors" are doing it, so why not. Not really sure if The Foundry is that much of a competitor aside from compositing with After Effects vs Nuke, but I think this would make the cloud more accessible and give less of an excuse to pirate.