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    Find object's edge coordinates in After Effects

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      first of all, I'm sorry if the answer to my question is already posted somewhere … I'm a bit confused I didn't just find one somewhere in the web already—don't know if I perhaps look for the wrong terms or if it's really such a special question I have …

      Anyway, my question is: how can I get the coordinates of all four edges from objects (images) in a three dimensional composing in After Effects? And also, is there a way to see the actual coordinates of the camera that I have moved by several parented objects?

      In case, this might be of interest, here's a more detailed description of my situation: I have made a little three dimensional composing in After Effects with scaled and rotated images an a moving camera. I want to show the composing within a tablet app and my first plan was to render it and put the movie into the app, but now my programmer and I think it might be better to generate the composing directly within the app. So my programmer needs the said coordinates to rebuild the composing in his code (as far as I know, he uses Xcode and writes the app in Objective-C).

      Hope you guys can help me …




      (I use After Effects CC on Mac OS X 10.9.)