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    CS5 InDesign file crashes/corrupted/errorcode 4


      Hi all,

      I cannot open the CS5 indesign file of my bachelor thesis anymore, as errorcode 3 occurs each time I try to do so. I use windows. I have written the text in word, then copied it to indesign and placed several images. This error occurred before with other documents, however a test indesign file with 2 words of text written in indesign itself can be reopened in the program. I urgently need a solution to this, as the indesign file containts my graduation thesis. I tried several options: reopening it as a copy (does not work for the respective file, whilst working for others), opening it as original and copy on other windows computers and one Mac, opening it in CC, saving it under another name(does not work, error message appears that the file is damaged). Any help is highly appreciated! Thanks!!