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      I am trying to put the values of these variables into a list can someone please tell me what is wrong with this script.
      on preparemovie me
      global gIns
      global gOuts
      global gclock
      global gtest
      global gboth
      set gIns = ["a"]
      And then in another script attached to a sprite I have...
      on mouseup me, Ins
      global gclock
      global gtest
      global gboth
      global gIns
      set gtest = the date
      set gclock = the time
      set gboth = gclock && gtest
      append gIns, (gboth) -- right here is where it wont work!!!!!!!!!!
      When I run it it says "List expected for handler
      Any solutions?
      This is a totally differant topic but when I put a flash or shockwave file on the internet will it save the values in the list after the user comes to the page and leaves so that the next time someone comes and enters info the previous info is still there? What is a the best way to do that?


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          quick reply (no time to check, sorry)

          "add" is a list keyword, not "append", AFIAK


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            The errors listed in Director do not always list the exact problem, but
            will usually point to the problem. Your code: append gIns, (gboth) is
            probably failing because of the parentheses. Try:

            append gIns, gboth



            On your second question, no, Flash and Shockwave files are downloaded to
            the user's computer and play locally. Once the file is opened locally,
            it has no connection to the stored copy of the file on the server.

            There are several methods for uploading and storing user data so that it
            can be shared by other users. Look at the examples for keeping a "high
            score" table to get some ideas.

            Rob Dillon
            Adobe Community Expert