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    Photoshop Touch for Tablet - FX not working with Android Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7"


      I am using a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3.0  7 inch tablet.

      Model SM-T210R

      Android version 4.1.2


      I purchased Photoshop Touch for tablets and immediately have come across a problem that seems to occur across several tablets of the same type. While taking the tutorial on "Dramatic Flair", it instructs you to use the "Sleepy Hollow FX" on a selected layer. The effect however, will not apply. There are no error messages and the correct layer is selected. I've tried applying any effect to any image, however the effects do not seem to work at all. This is an example of one attempt I made.


      There is only one layer for this image, a photo I took and opened. The image layer is highlighted and I will click the "FX" tab to attempt to apply an effect.



      I select the "Sleepy Hollow" effect with no success. To make sure that it's not due to a subtle effect, I decide to use a more obvious effect.



      I decide to try applying the "Grainy Night" effect and again, have no success.



      The image remains the same as when it was opened.



      I am forced to conclude that the application comes across an unannounced, internal error of some sort when trying to utilize effects on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3  |  7 inch tablet.

      I've seen various posts and help requests from other people who have the same hardware and are having the same issue. Is this matter any closer to being resolved or is there a solution that I am unaware of?


      Thank you for your time.