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    When will calculations be supported on the form?


      I have seen several questions on this matter dating all the way back to the beginning of 2012 but no answer as to whether or not this is even a direction Adobe is looking to head in the future. This would be an incredibly useful tool in form development.  I don't believe this needs to be anything complex.  Just a simple field for Addition, Subtraction, Division, Multiplication and Percentages would be a huge add to Formscentral.  I may be simplifying this too much but it seems that if Skip Logic is possible that a basic calculation field should be the next logical progression.


      If this is not a tool that Adobe is interested in development then I would prefer to look somewhere else in order to utilize this feature as I believe it is a deal breaker.  However I love the simplicity and easy to use UI of Formscentral and would gladly stick it out for a few months if I at least knew that this was in fact an area Adobe is looking to develop in the future.


      Can someone please give me a straight answer to this?  Thanks!