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    Right Click Problems in Flex 2

      Is there a way to detect a right click on a display object?
      I have added event listeners for all mouse events and the right click never fires anything.

      This is needed because I have a flex app that reads data from a service, displays the data using display objects, and allows user interaction via the mouse. Right clicking an object causes a custom context menu to show. The custom context menu is created dynamically based on the data retrieved from the service.

      If a piece of data changes the menu WHILE you have the context menu open, the visible menu does not change. This is ok.

      However when you go to click on an item in the old, currently displayed menu - firefox crashes.. This is repeatable to about 80% of attempts.

      Basically what I need to do is stop the updates from happening while the context menu is shown, and restart the updates when it disappears. Yet I cannot trap the mouse right click.

      Any suggestions??