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    Photoshop dropping inputs and hanging




      I am using Photoshop CC (14.2.1) on a 15" retina Macbookpro (current and high spec) under OSX10.9.2

      I retouch with a Wacom Intuos 5.


      I am finding that during my work, I frequently lose inputs from the keyboard or trackpad, and that some other inputs seem delayed or stuck.

      i frequently encounter this in the following cases:

      -using the brackets to change brush size does nothing.

      -pinching to zoom in/out, or two finger scroll on the trackpad does nothing.

      -when using the spot healing brush, in either proximity match, or content aware mode, the dark preview of the brush stroke will occasionally remain onscreen until another brush stroke is made.


      Usually these conditions can be overcome by holding the spacebar and clicking as if to scroll with the hand tool.


      I would love to find the cause/solution to this issue, since it causes frequent interruptions in workflow.