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    newDate always null in CalendarLayoutChangeEvent ??

    Edbras Level 1
      I have this simple DateChooser config in flex sdk 2.0 beta 3 and the property newDate of the event CalendarLayoutChangeEvent is always null (regardless of chosing a date) in my method changeDate(event), see below.
      I don't know, but maybe this is a bug, or do I do something wrong, or maybe can reproduce this ?


      <mx:DateChooser width="100%" id="DatePicker" visible="false"
      cornerRadius="2" borderColor="#c0c0c0" themeColor="#878ffc"
      fillColors="[#FAFCFD, #FAFCFD]" showToday="true" showEffect="FadeDate"
      dragEnter="doDragEnter(event);" dragDrop="doDragDrop(event)" change="this.changeDate(event)"
      mouseMove="dragIt(event)" doubleClick="dblClickDate()" doubleClickEnabled="true"

      The method changeDate:

      private function changeDate(event:CalendarLayoutChangeEvent): void {
      trace("[change date], calendar event: " + event);
      if (event.newDate != null {
      ..... do something