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    Message Selector LIMITATIOn

      I stumbled upon a important problem today. I was trying to set the message selectors on the consumers I had in my ActionScript based Flex Client. I found that Its possible to use ONLY the elements in the header of the message[this message is an instance of the ASyncMessage class when it reaches the client] in the SQL92 expression that we specify in the selector.
      We are using the inbuilt JMS adaptor in FDS to interface with Tibco EMS. I found that the message that ends up reaching my flex client has NO JMS HEADER information in it even though I am setting it while publishing the message to EMS from a java based publisher. And I cannot set the headers that are a part of the Flex API for the mx.messaging.messages.AsyncMessage class as I am doing the publishing through a java publisher. Also, apparently these are the headers that are being looked at while executing the selectors.
      In short, I cannot do any filtering on my subscription to the topic!!!!.. And this would mean FLOODING our clients with a whole bunch of unwanted messages!

      Please let me know if I am missing something blatant as I am really not convinced that there would be such a straight forward design limitation!!