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    How can I split up a 248 sites document into multiple 8 sites documents?


      Hi, i made an really big indesign document (248 sites, >300mb). The print guy now doesn't want that. He wants multiple 8 pages documents (yes open indesign documents - not pdf or something).

      How can I do this without messing up my whole document?


      I also have another question.. I once made a task in InCopy for testing purposes, but now i don't want it anymore. I deleted the folder where it was in, and now i keep getting an error at the start of the document that the task isn't there anymore. How can i complete delete this task out of Indesign, so that he doesn't even search for this task thing.


      Sorry for being a noob

      Thanks in advance!

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          The correct answer is that you need to find a new printer, but you can use the Move Pages command in the Pages panel flyout menu to move pages in chunks of 8 into new files. Rename the A master page first to preserve it (identically named master pages and styles will be redefined to use the definitions in the receiving document), and move the pages "before" page 1 in the new file so they don't switch sides of the spread. Delete the blank page 9 after moving. You'll also need to set the start page number for each file (or you can let ID  do that by combining them into a Book (.indb) afterwards.


          This is going to destroy hyperlinks and cross-references, if you used them, the TOC or index if they need to be updated, and it's going to do bad things to threaded text across the document breaks.